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- Skates

- Protective gear

- Cages

- Helmets

- Shoulder pads

- Mouth guards

- Gloves

- Elbow pads

- Skin guards

- Pants

- Blades

- Sticks

- Tape

- Bags

- Cups

- Laces

- Team uniforms


The staff at our location has all played the game of hockey for years and are able to

answer all of your questions and provide suggestions on the best products for your needs.

It does not matter whether you are a beginner at the game of hockey or have been

playing for years - we'll have the high-quality equipment that you want.

Skate fitting service

Don't buy a pair of ice skates off the internet. Come into our location and experience

custom skate fitting. The right skates will help impact your speed, power, and

manoeuvrability, and you'll find the perfect pair at our store.

Keeping you safe while playing the game

You'll discover everything you need in order to stay safe while you play the game of hockey. Protective gear includes: cages, helmets, shoulder pads, gloves, elbow pads, shin guards, pants, mouth guards, and more.

Latest models of skates

You shouldn't trust someone who has never played the sport of hockey with suggesting

the right equipment. Our professional staff will show you the latest models of skates that

will work for everything from the beginner to the expert and those in between.